Useful Information

When is garbage/recycling/yard waste pickup?

Garbage and recycling collection days vary based on your home address. Please visit the City of Madison Streets & Recycling website if you have a Madison city address. 

You can also visit the City of Middleton's Public Works website if you have a Middleton city address.

Who is our area Alderperson?

The Alderperson for District 9 (our area) in the City of Madison is Paul Skidmore. Paul can be reached on the phone at 608-829-3425 or via email: [email protected].

Who do I contact to replace/repair my mailbox?

Please call McKenzie 300 Corp. at (608) 831-5343 and visit the "Mailbox Info" page on this website.

Can I have a fence installed on my property?

All fence requests must be submitted to the Blackhawk HOA board in writing. The Board must approve the design and location of the fence.

Please visit the "Fence Info" page to download the fence criteria document.

Then, send a copy of your fence plan to McKenzie 300 Corp 9201 Waterside Street Middleton, WI 53562, and to the current President of BNHOA.

Who do I contact for approval of decks, additions, and other improvements to my home?

Please call McKenzie 300 Corp. at (608) 831-5343 for approval of your project.

You should also contact the appropriate department or agency at the City of Madison for permits and requirements for your home improvement projects.

Who do I contact if I notice a lawn with tall grass or weeds in the neighborhood?

You must contact the City of Madison Building Inspection Unit at (608) 266-4551, or visit their site and peruse the Home Property/Property Standards & Conditions page for further guidance. Please note that the BNHOA is NOT responsible for managing or arbitrating such violations or even notifying residents about the violation.