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August 2015 News Update
Posted on Aug 21, 2015

Crime Prevention:  On August 5th, eight residents met at Sprecher's to outline our crime prevention goals for the neighborhood.  On August 25th, Madison Alder, Paul Skidmore and Madison Police Crime Prevention Coordinator, Rodney Wilson will lead a discussion about how to achieve those goals as well as recent statistics, increased awareness, and helpful tips. 
It is the goal of the Board to create a Neighborhood Watch Committee.  This will be separate from the Board and needs to be organized and run by residents other than Board members.  Please contact a Board member or express your interest at the 8/25 meeting. 
Service Providers:  Help us make the website an increasingly valuable resource by listing success you have had with various service providers.  In order to recommend a person/company, you must be a resident and have access to the "member" part of the website.  Go to "Business Directory" and enter your information as well as the business/person you would recommend.  Your contact information will be available to others who may want to contact you for a reference.