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Spring 2016 Neighborhood Update
Posted on Mar 24, 2016

Blackhawk Garage Sale FAQ
Q:  Is there a place to sign up to participate?
A:  No - there is no sign up required
Q:  Is there a fee to participate?
A:  No.  Cost for signage and ads in the paper are included in your annual dues to the Homeowners Association.
Q:  Will I get a sign for my yard?
A:  Individual yard signs will not be supplied by the HOA.  Large signs will be place at major entrances, busy corners and the sale will be announced in local papers, Facebook, and Craig's List.  You may place your own sign in your yard if you choose.
Q:  Do I have to participate Friday night and Saturday?  Do I need to be "open" during those times?
A:  You may choose to participate on Friday and/or Saturday.  The time you choose to conduct sales is your decision.
Q:  What if I have a lot of stuff leftover?
A:  The HOA will contact St. Vinny's and ask that they send a truck through the neighborhood for unwanted items at 4:00 pm on Saturday, May 14th.  If you want them to pick up your items, please leave only the items you are donating in your driveway WITH A CLEAR SIGN indicating the items are for donation. 
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